Half marathon course is mainly flat and fast. Course is oficialy measured. On the course are three ascents at 3km, 7km, and 19.5km. The route on a hard asphalt surface with two intermediate well paved gravel sections in the length of 0.9 km between and 1.1 km between 11.5 km and 12.6 km and 15.6 km and 16.7 km.

The first part of the route is fast, as the roads are flat and wide. The first 6.5km runs together with runners on the 6.5km run and 10km run. The second part is a bit more varied, but much nicer because the route will run along the river Krka and cross some of the most beautiful running places in the Novo mesto.

The half marathon limit is 3 hours. Runners at 21,097 m, who will have more than 50 minutes in the intermediate time at 6.5 km, will be redirected to the 10 km run course or directly in to the finish of 6.5km run.