Half marathon

There is small change of course due to trafic problems. We are shure the course is very nice and enjoyable. 

Start and finish area is at Seidlova cesta 30.9.2018 at 10:00. Course is manly flat. It has four small climbs (at 3km, 7km (bigest), 9km and 19km) and it is mainly tarmac road with two sections of 0,9km and 1,1km gravel from 11,5km - 12,6km ter 15,6km -16,7km. Runners on half marathon course are running first small lap of 6,3 km, where is finish of City run, and bigger lap by the river Krka. There will be 3 refreshment stations and 3 water stations. 


TIME LIMIT! Time limit for half marathon is 3 hours.